April 2019

Dear Friends, 

Please find below, a very encouraging and beautiful letter from our main Psalms translator, Mr. Hoveek Thovmasyan, which he recently sent upon the completion of the proof copy of the NT and Psalms translation project. This proof edition is 347 pages long and about 55% of the entire translation being planned.

“Dear Eric and CFA Committee, today Mr. Arthur Minasyan delivered to me 77 copies of the first batch of the NT and Psalms publication! What a great occasion to praise the LORD! All along we’ve been praying “establish the work of our hands on us, establish the work of our hands” (Ps. 90:17) and, sure enough, he’s done so up to this milestone.

The publication also stands out for its feedback form, inserted in the book, which brings me to what I’ll be doing with my copies. I have prepared a list of individuals to give each a copy and ask for their opinion. Some of them are linguists and Ph.D.-holding professors at Yerevan State University and Vanadzor State University. Others are church leaders that have worked on many Christian publications and this volume will be a much welcome addition to their reading list. They have been waiting for this and have pledged to compare with existing translations. There are a few pastors on my list as well. My list also includes the rare Armenians that are experts in the Hebrew language. A few copies are destined to Jerusalem for Dr. M.S. and others.

I think once the book goes out and is read by a few tens of people, we’re going to be harassed for more copies. I’ll be asking for feedback in response to these requests and will be making my own reviews now that I have it in print.

May the LORD move our supporters to give for the rest of the NT books and for the first official publication of the whole NT and the Psalms. Perhaps you can come with a few of them for the presentation, which has now become a cultural norm here in Yerevan. So, let me thank you again for all the hard work and for the coordination and for the support and for the encouragement that you have given us. Please extend our gratefulness to the rest of the board and the supporters, who, as it turns out, have watered good soil.

"To God be the glory!"

The work of this translation is generating much interest in the Apostolic church, both at the Etchmiadzine Cathedral and the Sevan Seminary; with evangelicals, and with an ecumenical commission in charge of revising the current Armenian New Testament translation. If you have been following the work of this translation you know that our translation differs in that it is a direct translation of source documents into Armenian. Each proof copy contains a questionnaire intended to garner feedback and help make improvements to the final work.  

Finally, we are also pleased to say that the translation of the book on Genesis by Rev. Mark Vander Hart was finished this past week. We praise God for His faithfulness in seeing these works to fruition to anation much in need of a reviving Gospel.

To God indeed be the glory,

The Committee for Christians for Armenia

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Christians for Armenia
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What We Believe

We believe with all our heart in the ecumenical creeds of the Christian Church: The Apostle’s Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed. We subscribe to the following confessions of the Reformation: the Heidelberg Catechism, the Belgic Confession, the Canons of the Synod of Dordt, and the Westminster Standards. Rev. Kayayan subscribed particularly to the Confession of Faith of the Reformed Church of France (1559), having been converted to the Reformed faith through the pastoral and theological writings of John Calvin.